3 Things to Consider when Selecting Tuxedos for Your Wedding

Do they have your color?  When it comes to color, matching is not always best.  Coordinating and complementing colors often bring more focus to the bride’s dress along with the bridesmaids.  When selecting colors, focus more on the shades and hues than the name of the color.  Manufactures change names frequently on the colors to keep pace with trends.  Also, consider the texture of the fabric.  That will have an impact on color.


Do they have your size?  It is commonly accepted in the dress world for bridesmaids to have different styles of dresses depending on the individual’s style, comfort and fit.  With a tuxedo it is more uniform.  You need to consider the shape and build of each groomsman in the wedding and select a style that will fit across the board.


Do they have locations that are convenient for your party? And do those  location offer the same merchandise?  In today’s mobile world, will your tuxedo provider have the ability for your party to visit a store for measurements that is convenient to run to during  a lunch break.  Then is located centrally to the wedding location for the second fitting to ensure proper fitting.  And lastly, can your groomsmen return to a 3rd store that is convenient to home.

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