One of the challenges many couples are surprised to find themselves faced with during wedding planning is getting all the men in the wedding party fitted for their tuxedos.
The reasons are varied…tough work schedules, men’s natural reluctance to be measured in a public setting…and sometimes valid.

So, how best to ensure everyone makes the time for a proper fitting?
Party time!

The groom-to-be should contact his best man and have him arrange a date that works with the ushers and, if feasible, the two fathers of the couple, to all meet at the formal wear provider of your choice.

He should let them know how much time they’ll spend together at the store and then announce that right after the fitting….it’s time for fun.

Arrange for a lunch or dinner at a nearby sports bar. Present it as an opportunity for all the guys to get to know each other a bit better well before the wedding while bonding over beers, burgers, pizza, sports, a game of pool and more.

Some other options we’ve heard of include hitting the bowling alley or even a killer game of paintball!

By turning the unfamiliar task of a tux fitting into more of a fun, party-like event, you’ll find reluctance turning to enthusiasm and something to look forward to instead of a responsibility to dread!

For more ideas on how to overcome “tux fitting trauma”, talk to one of the professionals at President Tuxedo.

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