You’ve decided that the men in your wedding party will sport formal attire.

There’s really no argument that just about every man looks elegant and handsome in a fine tuxedo.
There’s also little room for dispute that just about every man dislikes having to go through the perceived ordeal of selecting and then being properly fitted for a tuxedo.

The best way to ensure a positive experience for your groom and his group is to work with tuxedo professionals like the staff at every President Tuxedo store or your area’s independent store or chain.

To help make the fitting appointment as painless as possible we’re going to share a few simple tips for you to pass along to your husband-to-be.

First of all, remember that there’s a wider range of stylish tuxedo options than ever before. But certain factors can help you narrow your selection such as your wedding season—winter and summer months do help determine material as well as style—and time of day—as afternoon and evening events also have traditional variations.

Perhaps the most important factor…helping your man understand his own body type and physique as that will dictate certain design elements to include or avoid when choosing your wedding garb.

Numbers matter! Generally, the fewer the buttons, the leaner the look. So if your guy is on the husky side, a one or two button style will likely work better.

And men with bigger waists should bypass a cummerbund in favor of a more flattering vest that can visually reduce a…um…bigger belly!

Shawl collars will make a man’s shoulders appear a bit more broad and double breasted tuxes can add the appearance of greater bulk for men who are more on the slender side. Conversely, men who are short and a bit stocky should steer clear of the double breasted fashion.

Men who are tall and thin will look terrific in virtually any style as long as the sleeves and pants are properly measured for ample length.

Consulting with your local President Tuxedo professionals will provide you with a many more tips and ideas to make certain every man at your wedding looks his most elegant in a perfectly fitted, appropriate style.

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