4 Common Misconceptions about Renting Formal Wear

As your wedding day approaches, you are making many decisions about your special day. As a bride, you are probably pouring over the top bridal magazines as you shop for your special dress. You will spend a lot of time, energy, and money to look your best for the love of your life. You will also want your groom’s attire to complement your own. Therefore, consider these misconceptions before making your decision about his formal wear.

A tuxedo is just a tuxedo. Formal wear specialists often offer similar tuxedos. But not all tuxedos are the same. The quality may vary from chain to chain as well as the service. Therefore, you will want to select one specialist to assist your entire wedding party. When you use one specialist, they will deliver consistent quality garments. You will also establish a rapport that will ensure higher quality of service.

My bridal shop is a formal wear specialist. Often you will find a bridal shop that will offer to fit your groomsmen as well as your ladies. We have found that bridal shops specialize in brides, not grooms. A tuxedo formal wear specialist will give you the attention you need in selecting tuxedos that will flatter your groom. They are experts at measuring, fitting, and finding that right garment to complete your groom so that he will complement you.

Only national formal wear chains have the colors I need. There seems to be a strange myth or misconception about colors and color swatches. The colors you need to match your bridesmaids’ gowns may be unique and special. However, these colors are not patented. Instead, dress makers are generous in making them accessible to all formal wear specialists, including independent and regional chains. You will be able to find the vests and ties to accommodate your needs.

Only national formal wear chains can accommodate my out-of-town groomsmen. Your out-of-town groomsmen are important to you. You want them to feel included. And you want them to blend with the rest of the bridal party. But you have another option than the national chain. Your independent and regional formal wear specialists will accommodate your needs by working with one another. Tuxedofit is a convenient resource for your out-of-town wedding party. They will help you to find a place near your groomsman where he can be fitted for his tuxedo. These measurements are simply submitted online and your personal formal wear specialists will handle the rest (www.tuxedofit.com).

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you will want your groom and groomsmen to be well dressed. So consider these tips before making your decision. And trust the formal wear specialists to help make you and your groom shine.

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