3 Ways to Save Money on Your Dream Wedding

A few months from your big wedding day and you’re still having trouble tying to cut down on expenses and stick to the proposed budget. Every bride wants more for less and there certainly are ways to have your dream wedding without putting a major dent in the piggy bank.

Cut Down the Guest List

It can be understandably difficult to downsize the guest list. You certainly don’t want anybody to miss out, especially people from your family, old neighborhood, school and college friends, close acquaintances etc.
However, every time you put up a name on the guest list, you’re significantly adding to the overall budget. You’re not just looking at extra catering costs, but more centerpieces, rentals and favors for instance. What you may want to do is start by thinking of scratching people off the list that you’ve been out of touch for a good few years. You don’t have to feel obliged to invite single people accompanied by their dates.
A lot of brides tend to give in to the pressure of inviting all their work colleagues. You do have the power to be selective. After all, it’s your budget. Ask your friends very humbly not to bring their children. It’s your budget, isn’t it? Plus true friends would always acknowledge your concerns without having any reservations whatsoever.
At times, couples like to have categories on their list like “friends from volunteer work” or “relatives more distant than first cousins”. Well, you can safely eliminate these, and without hurting any feelings.


Having your wedding on a weeknight, Friday or Sunday can save costs considerably. Since demand is relatively low on these days, you tend to get better rates from vendors who will often offer special Sunday packages. There are a handful of professional photographers that also go along with the same.
Fridays and Sundays cost considerably less as opposed to Saturdays, which are the preferred days for weddings. The trend seems to be shifting though. More and more couples are planning their weddings on Fridays, and typically Sundays. Why? In addition to the obvious cost-saving benefits, a lot of vendors are overbooked for Fridays and Saturdays, so Sunday is by default the preferred day. Also, there are quite a few churches that offer alternate services so that folks don’t find themselves having to choose between going to church and the wedding.
You could also have a daytime or afternoon wedding to enjoy further savings, even though they may not be as marginal. An added plus: great setting for daytime photography.

Deal With a Company That Offers Multiple Services

A “full service” wedding venue offers just about everything from table and chair rentals, to catering supplies and linens. Some venues actually require you work with select vendors, so it’s up to you that the venue you go with includes a full service vendor. This is important as you’ll most likely come across a quote that goes in tandem with your budget.

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